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Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for a promotion by her cell phone company it turned out that was not going to be easy. she turned to michael finney for help and there is michael here with the story it seemed easy enough. there is a monthly discount but it didn't work out that way. jacinta chow bought her phone and she got this message it says is simple and super easy, you can be safing $5 off. >> to get it, she thought all she had to do was sign her account up for a auto bill pay and that is what she did. >> kept saying no. is for iphone users and this is false advertisement. >> saying the message received publicized came on four separate pages we checked the message and found no mention of the iphone in the message. and then contacted joe ride out. >> if it's an only office for one particular phone, mention that's no one is that that does seem deceptive. >> telling us the message only meant as generic mean she wasn't the only customer confused by it. virgin mobile said it should have included a link to the iphone plan we could find no link in the message she showed us. >> that was the message. i took the screen shot first
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. but what you may not know is another boy's team made it to its own world series. >> michael fin gee here with a team overcame great diversity and won it all. >> you're going love this story. >> this is a story with a lot of kids. pony league came to be three years ago but they didn't give up. this year, the team with the victory involved. it's hard ache in mudville. there are hundreds about to begin a new season of pony league baseball. >> we got a common reaction. this company is stealing from the company autos the company was count me in of bellevue, washington. hired to collect registration fees. koent count me into n.kept the funds then went bankrupt. >> it's sad about this taking away from kids. >> there is a huge loss. $30,000 gone. no money for fields, nobody for ump yirz or uniforms and there is a 30 year tradition, threatened except family dz not give up. >> and there. >> hold on. >> i reported this plight and the community stepped up. >> everybody contributes. that is the strength of the league. we're not going let the league go under. >> and there is now, three years later an
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, the case of the cracked compute year how michael finney ma >>> alaska airlines is exkbreernsing delays tonight. the airline says five cables belonging to sprint were receivered and another set of lines were cut between seattle and portland that. crashed and caused wide spread delays. nearly every flight departing three airports were delayed at least by 90 minutes or so. and there is last thing anyone wants after buying something new is for it to break out of box. >> and that is frustrating. >> there is someone stepping in to help with a lap top. >> there is little or more frustrating there are trips or phone calls and that how one santa rosa couple felt until contacting me. asking for help. there is how big the crack was on the computer screen. >> this looked like jagged pizzas that came out from around the crack no. picture. >> she says incident happened a month after she bought a dell computer. >> waits cracked and not dropped or mistreated. it broke. >> dell was prompt and one month later the computer won't boot up. so kathleen took it into staples and where she bought it, hoping to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3